Animal Onesie CAMP Mon-Thur, June 26-29th 9:00-12:00pm

$ 200.00

As of 6/20- 2 spots available

Time for a field trip to a fabric store! I will drive students to a (parent-approved) store to choose their perfect combination of fabric. Animal onesie's are perfect for lounging around on a cool summer night. We will make their animal of choice using fleece, minky and a little fur if they choose. We'll add all the fun stuff as well such as tails, ears, horns, etc... and they can choose from velcro, zipper, button or snap closure. There's many techniques to learn in this 4 day camp!

In this beginner-level class, students will learn how to:

  • read and sew from a pattern
  • change stitches, needles and presser feet according to their project
  • finish seams with a serger
  • sew neat hems
  • sew gathers, pockets, casings and buttonholes as needed
  • how and when to use interfacing 

This is a beginner class. Age 8 and older with little sewing experience are welcome to take this class. We will cover some machine basics, but to learn more beginner sewing skills, please enroll in a Learn to Sew class. 

*Class fee includes a pattern, 5 yards of fabric and all other supplies needed for their project.

There is a 20% sibling discount for those interested. Please contact me for more info.  

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